Origin: Los Angeles

Genre: Classical/Rock



Formed by Cody Gill in southern California, VEIL consists of a wide variety of musical genres, but tends to lean towards the sounds of classical and rock music.


Performed as a string quartet with piano and drums, VEIL brings out the elegance of the classical and the attitude of

rock n' Roll.

Influenced by the music of the old masters; beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Camille Saint-Saëns, along with the modern day brilliance of hans zimmer, clint mansell and ramin djwadi, VEIL also manages to blend in the pop/rock vibes of pink floyd and radiohead. Together, these influences create tones that evoke your deepest feelings and fantasies. to experience veil is to enter a new-fashioned fantasia, with a touch of the past.

Live Performance

WhiteFire Theatre

performing live as often as possible, VEIL plays venues most accommodating to the sound and vibe, which are typically small theaters and performing arts centers.


Jamming regularly with any number of musicians, VEIL usually keeps it simple with a violinist, cellist and drummer, but has been known to expand it's ensemble to include viola, flute and electric bass for larger shows.

Symphonic Orchestration

              La Mirada
Symphony Orchestra

In April of 2016, Cody arranged and performed an original composition for the La Mirada Symphony, arranging the music for their 50 piece orchestra and playing the piano himself in one unforgettable performance.


There are numerous works in VEIL's library that can be arranged for full orchestras and larger ensembles.


Scoring and soundtrack work is another outlet for VEIL, as a lot of the music fits the cinematic vibe.


Cody has scored himself, scenes from the silent film "Metropolis", Along with old Disney cartoons and other vintage films.


Working with other composers and fellow musicians and singers who want to collaborate, Cody acts as "Ghost Writer", by either displaying already completed works or improvising new compositions with the artist.


There is an entire catalogue of original music kept separate from VEIL, consisting more of the pop/rock sound and in the singer/songwriter style.